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February 25th, 2009: 
Barefoot seminar at TOF's  in Vestby, Norway
After the very positive feedback on last years' seminar, TOF's Hesteutstyr (Horse Equipment) now invites again to a seminar on barefoot horsekeeping.

Where:     TOF Hesteutstyr, Kleverveien 3, Vestby, Norway

When:      Wednesday Februay 25th, 2009, at 17.00 hours
Who:        Speaker will be Michele Stuurman
Duration:  App. 4 hours (incl. coffee break)
Price:       200 NOK per person (incl. coffee), 100 NOK for children (under 16)

Contents: What is 'a natural horse life'? How does modern horsekeeping influence the horse's wellbeing? Hoof anatomy and common hoof problems. What are the (dis)advantages of having your horse barefoot or shod?
What is necessary to have a well-functioning, fully usable barefoot horse?

Speaker at the seminar will be Michele Stuurman. She has been working with barefoot horses since 2002 and has a two-year long education as a barefoot specialist. She has also attended several training programs on hoofcare, shoeing and barefoot trimming, in The Netherlands, Germany and America.
Amongst her customers are competition horses, riding school horses, rehabilitation horses and horses used for recreational riding, of all ages, kinds and breeds.
She also has a degree in journalism/public relations (and has, amongst other things, written a dressage series with Olympic Champion Anky van Grunsven for a dutch horse magazine) and has worked for several organizations and companies as an information manager.
Michele Stuurman is a certified riding teacher and dressage judge. She has worked with Thoroughbreds in Newmarket (England), at a breeding facility for Arabian horses, and with warmblood stallions in The Netherlands. She has many years of experience in riding competitions and as an instructor.

Profits of this seminar will go to Better Life Norway. This is a norwegian organization that performs surgical operations for the poorest in Burkina Faso (Africa). Through the Better Life Day-Care Center they also support around 22.000 handicapped persons, and a large number of elderly ( for more information, see

Binding registration latest 20-02-2009 at TOF's, or via phone 64 90 90 00, or by email:

Payment to account 1503.01.05629, TOF's Hesteutstyr, with the information 'Kurs 01' and the name of the participant. You can also pay in the store before the start of the seminar.