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What customers say

About hoof trimming...
"After you started trimming my horse's hooves I feel that my horse is in the best hands. You are extremely precise and competent, and certainly not least important, you explain very thoroughly what you do and why. I have learned an incredible amount from you. One thing is sure, my horse will never get shoes on its feet again.
The information seminar was very useful. I had many 'aha-experiences'. It is important to understand what happens to the hooves when they are trimmed this way, and also how the surroundings have to be to get an optimal environment for horse and hooves. This you managed to explain to us participants in a very clear and thorough way.
Greetings from a very satisfied customer (and horse)."
                                                                    Marianne Eriksen, Ås, Norway

"I have two horses, one of them (mix of coldblood trotter and Nordlandshorse) has gone barefoot since 2002. The other one is an Arab that is imported from Danmark, barefoot since 2006.
I have used several different barefoot trimmers and been satisfied with those. Via an acquaintance I met Michele Stuurman, and after some conversations I got the impression that she knows her job.
Therefore, when my Arab needed help quickly one day, I decided to ask Michele Stuurman. I had never used an SHP before so I was curious, but I was very positively surprised. A very thorough check of the horses' history, living conditions etc. was done and it was also explained why this is important.
The trim itself was a bit different than I was used to and of course I was curious to see how this would affect the horses.
Again I was positively surprised, both horses developed very positively. One had been bothered by high heels for a long time, the Arab with amongst other things a contracted hoof.
Both these problems are a lot better/gone now and the horses function better than ever. Noticed an improvement in movement fairly quickly. It is now around six months since the first trim.
My impression of Michele Stuurman is that she looks much more at the whole horse and is not just focused on what happens below the fetlock. Most of the other barefoot trimmers I have met have also spoken about the anatomy of the hoof and the importance of natural living conditions, but not so thorough. And nobody else has given me so much information about the horse's anatomy and how hooves influence that.
Since then I have also been to one of her barefoot seminars, something which has given me a much better insight into why it was the right decision to take the shoes off. But also into how important the right living conditions are if you want to have your horses barefoot."
                                                                 Thor Ole Fongaard, Ås, Norway

"You are professional and precise in your work. Thoughtful and kind towards both animals and humans. And my horse appreciates you a lot!"
                                                                 Stine Helen Egeland, Ås, Norway

"Michele has been my hoofcare mentor since january 2007. She is thorough and conscientious. My 19 year old Arabian mare use to have trouble with her shoulder, this became much better after only a few trimming sessions. Michele is the first "horse-therapist" I have met who has seen a connection between the heel height and the shoulder, strangely enough since it now seems perfectly logical. Michele, thank you for your patience, your kindness and your ability to see the whole horse."
                                                                 Anne Holter, Ås, Norway

About riding instruction...

"Michele and I met 20 years ago at our local riding school in the Netherlands. She was the riding instructor of our group. Later on when I bought my first horse she continued to be my riding instructor, and she still is, even after she moved to Norway and I moved to Sweden.
Four years ago the son of her mare Billy came to Sweden and since then I have had the pleasure of taking care of this very special, kind and sensible horse, named Serendipity (Senne).
Michele is a person who is very thorough in her way of working. The interest in and knowledge about horses she has is inexhaustible.
It's hard to find people who are so enthusiastic and dedicated!"
                                                    Cinnamon Kelleners, Stora Höga, Sweden

"My experience is that Michele's main strengths as a riding teacher are her deep understanding of and respect for both the horse and the rider. She is extremely good in observing and perceiving what the horse and rider need at any given moment, and to communicate the changes that should be made (and the reasons why). Michele is also concerned about safety in all situations. In my opinion riding is an activity that should provide a mental and physical education, as well as being a pleasure. Michele is a riding teacher who makes this come true."
                                                                   Elisabeth Sørdal, Oslo, Norway

"Michele has given me about 25 riding lessons now and I learn something new every time, it's an 'aha-experience' how the horse moves under me. Seat corrections on horseback seem to be something one never is done with.
Michele is very concerned about the horses' well-being and that they enjoy their training, of course this also gives the best training results. I look at the harmonious cooperation with a horse in a whole new way now. I look forward to every lesson."
                                                                   Kjersti Jensen, Ås, Norway


About barefoot seminars...

Some of the comments from the anonymous feedback forms that are handed out after the seminars:

'Useful seminar with lots of tips and good advice.'


'Very good and inspiring speaker. 10!'

'Very knowledgeable. 10.'

'Very good seminar, balanced with regard to difficult themes.'