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Are you interested in becoming a hoof trimmer? Or do you want to learn more so you can trim your own horses? The Norwegian Hoof School offers education and seminars.
This is the site of the Scandinavian SHP-society. Lots of information on hoof care, natural living, stories etcetera. Here you can also find information on Basic and Trimming seminars in Scandinavia. Swedish language.
News from all corners of the barefoot world, helpful information, and store with books, boots, trimming tools etc. Publisher of the worldwide barefoot magazine The Horses Hoof.
Site of the Fischer Equine Lameness Foundation. Information, case studies etc. Good article on how to find a barefoot trimmer - and what red flags to look out for when you have found one.
Australian barefoot site with a whole range of excellent articles on all aspects of barefoot hoof- and horse care.
Site of Ann and Minou Green. Barefoot hoofcare, rehabilitation, training and saddles. Swedish language.

Natural living
Stall Røed offers natural living conditions for horses. Barefoot horses very welcome. Norwegian language.
Site of the farm Handnesgården in Norway. Barefoot horses, ecological farming, ancient breeds, barefoot seminars etc. Norwegian language.

Riding and training
The Classical Riding Club was founded by Sylvia Loch. Dressage in total harmony with your horse. Excellent articles, where to find help etc.
Site of Alexander Nevzorov. Horse training without force. Questions many practices seen as 'normal' in the horse world today.





Barefoot in winter



Årungen Utedrift


Never too young...