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Strasser Hoofcare Professional-Education

Do you  want to become a barefoot hoofcare professional?
SHP-education starting in Norway, spring 2009

The education to become a Strasser Hoofcare Professional (SHP) is at this time probably the most intensive barefoot hoofcare education in the world. This education program started almost 20 years ago and is now offered all over the world. 

Because of many urgent requests, this education will now be run one time in Norway. Dr. Strasser herself will come to do most of the teaching.
This is a unique, one-time opportunity to learn from one of the world's foremost pioneers in barefoot hoofcare without having to travel to Germany.

Registration for this education has started. There are still some open places. However, it is recommended that people who are interested contact us as soon as possible.


Starting date will be February/March 2009.

The education will take a bit under two years, till October 2010.
There will be around 8 'meetings' from 3-6 days.

Most of the education will take place in the Vestby/Ås area in Norway. This is close to Oslo. There might be some traveling necessary for parts of the education (see below).
The language of this education will be English. The main textbook, exam etc. will be in English. Of course help is available with translation problems, but experience shows that this seldom is a  problem.
The cost of the education will be around 10.000 Euro including VAT (Moms), which is approximately the same as for the German education.
On top of that comes the cost for the course book, which is 500-600 Euro.
The course costs do not include traveling, lodging, food, tools etc.
There will be several payment options:
- Pay the full cost at once and get a rebate;
- Pay a monthly amount for over a longer period of time (the time of the course + 6 months) which will be slightly more expensive.
The advantage of the last option is of course that it is possible to pay (part of) the course costs while already working as an SHP.
However, it is not recommended that students start working on other horses than their own during the first year of the education (especially if they are not already working as a hoof trimmer).
An overview of the contents of the education:
● Hoof anatomy: theoretical, practical; hoof models, hoof cuts etc.
● Trimming, of course! Cadaver hooves and living horses
● Tool use, safety procedures, ergonomical working positions
● Lameness diagnostics and other pain symptoms

● How to evaluate X-ray pictures (Röntgenbilder)
● Digestion and nutrition
● 'Conventional' and alternative treatments
● Horsemanship
● Conventional and alternative saddles, bridles, riding methods etc.
● Hoof boots
● How to work as an SHP: running your own business, laws, insurance, bookkeeping, customer documentation etc.
The students will have to do a lot of the theoretical work at home. Every month they will receive homework which they have to send in for correction (this is mainly in the first year).
The homework might include having to send in pictures of feet that the student has trimmed.
After the first year of education there will be a 'halfway exam'. All homework must be finished before the exam.
During the course of the education the students also have to have at least 20 days of 'apprenticeship' with SHP's. This is a great opportunity to see the work of an SHP in practice, to meet future colleagues, to see different hoof problems etcetera.
Students should also spend 1 week at a hoof clinic in the second year of their education. This is usually at Dr. Strasser's clinic in Tübingen, Germany.
Students also have to prepare two 'case studies' of horses that they are trimming regularly, with full documentation, pictures etc.
Students will also have to prepare a number of 'dried legs/hooves', bone sets etcetera.

The final exam will have a practical and a theoretical part. To take the final exam, each student will have to:
- have all the homework done and approved;
- have passed the 'halfway exam';
- have done all their apprenticeship days;
- have done their practicum at a hoof clinic;
- have paid all the agreed upon payments.

Once a student is a certified Strasser Hoofcare Professional, it is highly recommended to participate in the yearly education meetings for SHP's. This to update their knowledge and to guarantee a high standard of trimming.


For more information, please contact:

Michele Stuurman,  Tel. (+47 –) 47 25 72 21